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A day with Chef Andrew Kow

On the bright morning of 8th October, Chef Andrew Kow held a demo workshop to show participants the ways in making the best tasting Sarawak Batik Cake, the most YUMMY and MOIST Prune Cake, the most interesting "Lao Puo Ping" and the heavenly New York Cheese Cake.

The day started of instantly after the last student walked into class.

Eager participants listening and watching the chef's demo

Explaining every important detail in the process

Student are encouraged to get close to see how the batter should be

Questions, of course, are encouraged

Taiwan Lao Puo Bing in the making

Chef showing some of his tricks
 Although it was just a demo, chef still allowed some of the student to try some steps to help them get used to it and to know the common mistakes made.

Even out the cake is super important

 In the oven...

Can you guess what is this?

Raw Lao Puo Bing

 Smell's good!!!!

New York Cheese Cake..YUM

No Bake Sarawak Batik Cake...WOW

Super moist Prune Cake...Delicious!

Doesn't it look good?

 Hungry yet?
 Students were allowed to  take some home to taste =)

Thank You Chef!

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Chef "Bread King" Isa

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