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Baking Bersama Chef Khairi

Chef Khairi returned to Amiplus on the 27th for a class on cookies and a very delicious Pecan Butterscotch Cake.
Firstly, congratulations to Chef Khairi for the publishing of his 2nd recipe book!

Due to his well-known reputation, we have a full house on this class once again..

Now without further ado, let's get on to the agenda for today. First, we start off with the Pecan Butterscotch Cake.
He uses a sponge premix to save some time..

 Then, prepare the pecan nuts by caramelizing it.

 After that's done, we move on to the butterscotch which is castor sugar and whipping cream...

add some chunks of butter and etc.

Add some cream and stir till it becomes slightly lighter and the butterscotch is ready!
 With that done, prepare the filling by whipping some cream..

Add in the butterscotch..

 Slice the sponge cakes into 6 slices and cream the middle.

Remember to add the chopped pecan nuts in each layer of cream!

 Coat it with the leftover cream filling..

Glaze the top and lit it drip for a tear affect...

 Drizzle the leftover butterscotch for a marble affect...

 and finally, leave it in the chiller to cool.

Next, we move on to the Fruity Berries Rocher. This easy recipe only requires almond slices, Collata chocolates and some orange peels. Oh you can add cranberries if you like ;) .All of it goes into a big bowl to be mixed and viola!

 Easy right? Now, moving on, the Blueberry Biscotti, the twice-baked biscuits originating in the Italian city of Prato.

Melt some blueberry-flavoured chocolate first.

Then add it into a mixture of flour, almond nuts and etc.

After it is mixed evenly, remove it from the mixer and roll it into long "snakes"

Bake it till it's half cooked.

Let it cool and cut it up into little pieces.

 Bke it again in the oven for a little while and take it out again too cool. The blueberry biscotti is then ready~

 Next recipe is the orange sticks. These are the chef's personal twist on the famous Kit Kat.
 First, melt orange Collata chocolate.

Pour it into a mixture of flour, eggs, butter etc.

Press it evenly into a square baking tin and leave it in the chiller.
After it becomes hard, cut it into little triangles.

Then bake it for a little white so it looks like these...

 Then, leave it to cool. Decorate it with more orange-flavoured chocolate and add details to your liking..

 Next recipe: Strawberry Chips and Cheese Cookies
A mixture of strawberry chocolate chips, flour, eggs, baking powder and etc.

 Divide them into small little portions for baking.

Finally, decorate it as you wish with some chocolate.

Now, remember the Pecan Butterscotch Cakes? Here's some ideas on how can decorate those.(Done by Chef Khairi with strawberries and chocolate)

 Everyone was given a complementary slice of Pecan Butterscotch Cake and a tin of all the cookies made today.

 Thank you for today's class Chef Khairi and we hope to see you again soon.

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