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Tasty Tart Treats

Tarts have become a savory sensation  in the world of baking as we just held another tarts class on the 4th of February and it was a blast! Chef Fauziah, whom had given classes here before (if you remember) had 6 types of tarts in stored for everybody.

This class kicked off with a simple demo on how to make the tart shells-the crust as some calls it.
The chef adds flour, eggs, and a bunch of stuff into a mixer..

Next she tips it out and starts kneading it a little bit..

Just to show how everybody how it's made, she gives another little demo.

Then the dough is divided so everybody can get their hands dirty :)

Working like a well-oiled machine, everybody made lots of good-looking tart shells. Here's what they look like..

All the tarts are then stuck into an oven like so...

While waiting for the Ding from the oven, another demo is done to prepare the egg topping for the Egg Tarts. Once again, chef just throws a bunch of ingredients into the mixer including eggs of course, sugar, milk etc..

The egg batter is filtered for smoothness..

A few moments later, DIIIIIING!

The egg batter is poured into the shell and back into the oven it goes

While that is baking, another batter is made for the pineapple/blueberry roll.

The dough is pressed out from a huge nozzle and wrapped around a small measurement of blueberry/pineapple jam.

When that is done, it is put into the oven after a thin coat of egg yolk.

Some of the smaller tart shells were filled with canned tuna for the Tuna Tart. Sadly, there are no pictures for this step because it's really quick and easy to prepare. But you get the picture anyway rite? ;)

Next, the chef preps for the cheese tart-lets. Using some cream cheese and a mixer...

The cheese is scooped into a piping bag and set aside.

Small dollops of blueberry/strawberry jam is put into the small tart shells and topped with a generous helping of cream cheese.
Another tiny dollop of jam is added on top and a sharp tool (she used a cake tester) made some pretty cool star-shaped patterns
The cream cheese is swirled on top of the jam for detail. (You can see a glimpse of the Tuna Tart in this picture ;))

 Doesn't it look too cute to eat?

Next it is put back into the oven for a little while just for the cream cheese to set.

 For the chocolate tart, a little chocolate is melted and put into a piping bag. Very quickly, it is piped into the tart shells and just like that, it is ready.

Lastly, some instant custard is prepped for the fruit tarts. When that is done, some leftover chocolate is brushed at the base of the tart to prevent the custard from making the tart soggy.

 When that is done, dollops of custard is put into the tart shells followed by slices of fruits. (We used strawberries and kiwis since it's only a small tart)

Arranged nicely, this is what the fruit tarts looked like, ready for serving..

The Egg Tart, once it's out of the oven.

The Tuna Tart.

The Pineapple Roll, fresh out of the oven.

and The Cheese Tart, hot from the oven.

At the end of the day, everyone was happy and satisfied with the class for sure. Especially each of them got to bring home one box containing all of these :)

Thank You Chef Fauziah and we're looking forward to any future classes by you!

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