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Chun Yip Baking Class

 Chef William Tan comes to town to give a demo on his Japanese recipes in Amiplus.

 We had a full house that day as Chef William introduces new products and techniques to curious bakers with help from his trusty assistant.

Things started off with kneading the dough first formed by his own secret recipe to make the soft cream cheese Panettone bread.

Next, divide the dough according to given measurements.

Participants were also given a chance to try out how to make the dough into perfect little balls.

Mix custard, cream cheese, raisins and other tasteful ingredients to make a delicious creamy filling for the bread.

use the dough to wrap around the filling.

While that is left to proof, we move on to the pizza recipe.

Put any topping on top but you must never forget the cheese!

Add a little sauce for more taste and it is ready to bake

While that is baking, we move on to another famous recipe, the chicken floss bread! Flatten a piece of measured dough and put some chicken floss on it. You can add any other fillings you want.

Roll it up,

and leave it on a tray to rest.

For the hotdog roll recipe, we put a piece of hotdog on some flattened dough and add some seaweed for that Japanese touch.

You can try many different patterns for your hotdog roll. The possibilities are endless!!!
then when you're done, time to bake!

Last but not least, the mini San Fransisco Cheese Cake! First make the biscuit base and press it into a small baking tin.

Put some chocolate filling and pipe the cheesecake mix into the tins.

Leave it to bake and decorate it when cool.
Now for the finished products.................................................a round of applause!!!!!!

1. The Pizza

2. The Chicken Floss Roll (before and after rolling it with more chicken floss on top)

3. The Hotdog Roll!

4. The soft cream cheese Panettone Bread!

5. And finally, the mini San Fransisco Cheese Cake!

Special thanks to Chef William Tan for this wonderful bread baking class!

For more classes, please check out our Baking Class pages to get info on the latest available classes.

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