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Crepes anyone?

It was a long day as Chef Halima conducted a class dedicated to crepes.

 To make the crepe batter, mix flour eggs and etc...whisk over fire and then let it cool. 2 different batter were made for the durian crepe and the French Vanilla Crepe Cake

Then, prepare the cream filling.

First, scoop some batter into a well-heated pan and spread it around like so..

 let it cook a little..

 when the bottom turns a little brown, peel it off the pan.

Everyone was excited to give it a try haha..

After the crepes are done, it's time to wrap the Durian crepes. Dropping a dollop of cream and Durian flesh, the crepe is wrapped up like a Burrito..

 Don't they look like Durian?

 Everybody gets to try it out as well, wrapping up 4 pieces each
Their handiwork
 Not bad for beginners eh?

For the crepe cake, it requires more time,effort and patience, having need to layer and cream each layer one by one as it gradually grows taller ..

 The edges have to be trimmed so that it will look...rounder

Cover it with fresh white cream and pipe decorations on it for finishing touches

Last but definitely not least, time to make crispy creamy cream puffs.
Melt gelatin over a double boiler..

Add flour and etc.

It is stirred until it looks like kinda like a cookie dough this..

This is a mixture or milk, melted butter and etc.

Now add flour..

Stir till it looks crumbly like this.

The cookie-dough look-like batter is mixed with other ingredients and the batter becomes like this..

Pipe it out on greese-proof paper so that it looks like huge-sized kisses.

Add the crumbly mixture that was prepared on top.


 Till it's golden brown

And lastly, pipe custard filling.

Aaaand the cakes for today are..

Crepe Cakes

Tiramisu Crepe cake. Made simply by adding coffee and chocolate into the cream

 That's all for today :) A big THANK YOU to Chef Halima for taking the time to teach us these delicious treats.

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