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Anchor's tart and pies

Class started off today with the Pear Frangipane Tart. Chef Maymixed her very own special blend of pie crust mix consisting of flour, salt, sugar and butter etc.Then, she covers the flattened dough with plastic wrap until it becomes firm. After that, she layers it at the bottom of the pie mould and moves on to making the Frangipane using butter, icing sugar, eggs etc. while her tart chills in the refrigerator. The frangipane is then spread over the chilled tart and the pear slices are arranged professionally into the tart.. Then the tart is brought to bake.

 you can apply some melted butter over the top for a golden brown effect after it finishes baking.

Next for the Paris Brest/ Choux Ring, boil milk, butter,etc. in a saucepan and add flour till it forms a dough before placing it over high heat to cook it.  Beat eggs in a mixer till it becomes glossy. Then chef then pipes the paste onto baking paper using a star shaped nozzle. Sprinkle almond flakes before baking it for added taste.

 Next recipe is the Flaky Banana Nutella Wrap. First she whips Instant Custard till smooth.

  Then she used phyllo pastry and wrapped it into half, brushed it with lots of melted butter and spread a layer of nutella and a sprinkle of nuts. Pipe another layer of custard and arrange a sliced banana on it. Then they wrap it up neatly.

 Sprinkle some cinnamon sugar before baking.

 And now for the bonus recipe, the Cheesy Chocolate Banana Muffins with Caramalised Walnuts, beat Gula Melaka and eggs till light and fluffy and add in melted butter. Stir anf fold in flour, baking powder, etc. and finally add in bananas and chocolate chip. Divide it into baking cups and sprinkle nuts over the dough. Leave it to bake.

 You can add sliced strawberries for decoration.

 Moving on to the Puffy Chicken Pie by Chef Riruz, vegetables, mushrooms, diced chicken, etc. are cooked and chilled in the refrigerator. Roll one sheet of pie pastry and place some filling on it. Seal it with a fork. Cut a small X on top so that it will cook equally. 

For the Shepard pie, cook some lamb, onion, carrots, etc. Then cook potatoes until soft and mash them. transfer lamb and other cooked ingredients into oven proof dishes and top it off with the seasoned mashed potatoes. Brush the top with some egg so that it will look better after it is baked in the oven.

Lastly, the Oreo Ice Blended or as the chef calls it, The Wild Teddy Creamy Oreo Ice Blended.
Blend ice, milk, oreo etc. until smooth. Add chocolate sauce and serve it in a tall glass with whipped cream.

 At the end of the class, the results are as follows.

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