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Hello everybody,
How was your Chinese New Years holiday?
Hope you all had a blast!
Look what we received from a loyal customer!

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Anchor's Baking Ahoooy~!!

Chef Collin Edward Lim had given an interesting demo baking class for both cookies and cakes on the 7th of January.

Chef Collin started off the class with a demo on the chilled orange and peach cheese cake.
This recipe starts with the making of the base of the cake which is basically just crushed biscuits. The types of biscuits may vary but for today, he used Tiger and Digestives.

The two biscuits are crushed in a bag like so...

...and flattened into a baking mould.

This is what the base looked like.

Next, the cheese is mixed.

After much mixing. the cheese batter is poured on top of the biscuit base.

It is then smoothed 

Then it's put into the chiller to be...chilled :)
 Next on the menu is the cookies. First is the demo on the Aloha Fruity Oatmeal Cookies which is mainly made of dried apricots, chocolate chips and raisins.

This is how the batter looked like after mixing...

Everything is divided into cute little portions.

Aaaand it's baking time!

While that is baking, the 2nd batch of cookies -The Cranberry Walnut Cornflake cookies is started.

The batter...

Before baking, the cookies is covered crushed cornflakes.

So they look like this.

Then it's baked.

 Meanwhile, back to the chilled cheese cake, the topping is made using freshly squeezed orange juice and peaches.

Sugar is added to reduce acidity...

The peach slices are arranged on top of the cake as decoration..

And the orange juice is poured on top...

And back into the chiller it goes.

Now, for the last item, the creamy tom yam pasta..
First the pasta is boiled,

until it looks like this..

Then the spices are chopped and diced...
  ...like this...

...and stirred in a pot.

Anchor's culinary cream is added for...creaminess...

and finally the pasta is added in.
 Everything in the pot is stirred until even,

Ham is added.

and cheese is added for the final touch.

Put it on a plate and serve hot :) 

Back to the cookies, this is what they had looked like after a few minuted in the oven.

The Aloha Fruity Oatmeal Cookies..

The Tom Yam Pasta...

The Cranberry Walnut Cornflake Cookies...

And the Orange Peach Cheese Cake.

Big thanks to Anchor and Chef Collin Edward Lim  for today's class.

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