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Khairi's Kooking Klass

On the 1st of April, Chef Khairi gave an exciting class featuring very delicious and very famous cakes. We had a full house on that day as over 30 people showed up!

Chef Khairi is a successful dessert chef with his very own recipe book already widely sold in Malaysia and had recently published his next book in dual languages (Bahasa Melayu and English)

Back to his baking class.
He started of with the doughnut recipe using a doughnut premix and a mixer. Then he rolled it out and cut out the cute little doughnut shapes.

 Leaving it aside for it to rest, chef Khairi moved on to his steamed brownie or brownie kukus. Again he used a special premix and mixed it well.

Then the batter is scoped into small plastic cups using an ice-cream scoop to maintain the amount per cup and then they are steamed. Easy right?

Next, he moved on to the marble cheese cake. No special premix this time, it is made from scratch.

For the base, a mixture of oats, almond nibs and crushed biscuits is pressed together with eggs at the base of the baking pan.

Then the cheese cake is made with ..... and ..... and ta-daa!!! It is poured over the base that was earlier made.

A little bit of chocolate is drizzled over the batter and a skewer is used to create that marble effect.

Is is baked on a tray of water..

Meanwhile, the doughnuts have fully rest.. from this...

To this..

It is fried till golden brown and left to chill...

 The little ball parts when u cut out the dough can be used to treat children :)

When they are chilled, they're dipped in coloured chocolate for toppings

And now the best recipe for last, the Chocolate Indulgence Cake.
First, slice two chocolate sponge cakes and put it aside.

Next, the secret fillings are made, one white and the other brown..

Then spread it evenly over the slices of chocolate sponge....first white.

Then the brown...

and white again...

...then since there was extra brown, the entire cake was covered with it.

 Then some Colatta ganache is poured over it..

It is optional for you to cover it entirely or just half of it so that it looks like this..

 Now for the decorations, it is to no surprise that chef Khairi use some Colatta chocolate to make some chocolate designs.

Chocolate Bars! (made using mould)

 Can you guess how this is made?
I'll give you a hint...

Now for the cheese cake and the steamed brownies....

The completed doughnuts...

 The cheesecake after decoration...

As for the Chocolate Indulgence... Chef Khairi had prepared one before the class started so we had 2 cakes to give away~!
Before Decoration...

After Decoration..

At the end of the day, certificates were given away to every contestant... (unfortunately not all of their pictures are here because they had me help them take their pictures so I couldn't take one for myself :(

 Thank you for this fun class Chef Khairi!

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