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Harvest Baking Class

Chef Frankie held a demo class here in Amiplus representing Harvest. We begin with the Chocolate Moist Brownies with Cream Cheese filling. 
Start of with the special brownies mix with the high quality margarine. 

 After you get the smooth batter, place them in cups. Make sure you put in the ready-made easy-to-use cream cheese filling as well.

 Baking it in a pre-heated oven

 Next for the German Butter cookies, 

Participants were given a chance to try out their bag piping skills during the demo.

 Moving on to the Strawberry Hazelnut cookies, 

 The cookie batter, well mixed with hazelnut paste is rolled into cute little balls and put into small paper cups. It is then left to bake and will be covered with melted strawberry chocolate.

The last item of the day is the classic butter cookies.

After baking...

 For decorations, you can choose to dip the top half of the cookie into some melted chocolate for added taste, colour and design.

Some very simple decorations for the brownies,

 And lastly, the German Butter Cookies.

Special Thanks to Chef Frankie from Harvest!

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Colatta Demo Ice-cream Class

Chef Din from Colatta Professional Chocolates conducted a special demo class featuring their latest product, the instant ice-cream!

Starting off with the ice-cream cake, this recipe calls for the special Colatta powdered ice-cream that one can make at home using only cold water. 

 Put it in the mixer and beat it until it stiffens.

Layer it on top of a piece of sponge cake. Let it chill in the freezer.

 It should look like this after it completely sets.

 Cover it with a layer of whipped cream.

 Decorate as you like.

Next,we move on to the ice-cream cookies.Mix the ice-cream powder with his own cookie recipe to make special ice-cream taste cookies.

The dough should look like this after well beat.

 Cover the surface of the dough with rolled oats.

 Let it bake till perfection :)

Black Magic Cookies are up next with Chef Din's cookie recipe with an extra touch of black cocoa powder. 

 Mix with chocolate chips and cover the surface with crushed cornflakes to give it that extra crunch :)

After baking.

 For the rich mint cookies, his special recipe mixed with Colatta's chocolate chip.

 After baking, top it off with some icing sugar.

 The Alabama cookies

 One can choose to package the cookies in cute little boxes or tins to be sold as well.

This wonderful Ice-cream demo class was brought to you by Chef Din from Colatta chocolates.

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