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Here Comes The Cake!

On the 12th November of 2011, Chef Ina held a class, along with her assistant, to teach inspiring chefs on how to decorate a 2-tiered wedding cake. They were able to learn how to make butter cream roses and lilies to decorate their cakes with.

The class started of with Chef Ina giving participants a briefing and 2 sponge cakes (1 small and 1 big) for them to work on.

Chocolate and Vanilla Sponge Cake

 Next, everybody mixed some butter cream..

 Chef shows everybody how to make the roses and lilies.

and everyone tried it out for themselves..

Adding details to the flowers to make them nicer..

The outcome...

Putting that aside, everyone started on decorating the cake.

Then they added frills~!

Then the cake stands and flowers go on top of the cake.

Green-coloured cream is added to make leaves and vines.

Then they got started on the second cake, the small chocolate sponge cake.

The flowers were added again and it's DONE.

1) Blue Roses + Pink and Yellow Lilies

2) Orange roses + Yellow and Orange Lilies

3) Pink Roses + Purple and Yellow Lilies

4)Yellow Roses + Orange and Yellow Lilies

 5) Purple Roses + Pink and Yellow Lilies

6) Pink Roses + Purple and Yellow Lilies

 Thank you for this BEAUTIFUL lesson chef Ina.

Due to popular demand, Chef Ina gave a bonus lesson to her student son how to make a basket sided cake.

Her assistant finished it off with some leftover flowers and it looked wonderful!

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