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Baking Class with Cik Miera

Cik Miera had graciously conducted a baking class in Amiplus today.  Her recipes today had mainly revolved around mini cakes as well as breads. 

She had started off with making her bread recipes by first showing us how she makes her homemade caramel sauce. She shows it how she does it the traditional way where is melts down sugar, along with a twist - an additional splash of cream.

Then she shows us how she makes her bread dough along with top secret dough kneading techniques passed on to her previously to obtain perfect soft and delicious bread.

The dough is then left covered to proof 

After proofing, Cik Miera had allowed her participants to help divide the dough and form them into little balls. The balls are then put into aluminium baking tins - four each. They are then left to proof till twice the size.

A layer of egg wash is applied over the dough balls and the toppings are added. For the Sarang Lebah bread, she adds shredded cheddar, black sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds. She leaves it empty for the Chicken Floss Bread recipe.

After everything was finished baking, she spread a mixture of mayonnaise and chilly sauce over the top and cover it generously with chicken floss.

Next, she works on the Victoria Slice Cake batter with first beating eggs and butter.

She adds flour and other ingredients into the mixer.

She then transfers that mixture into a baking tin. Make sure to smooth it out to ensure even baking.

While she leaves that to bake, she cooks down some strawberries to make fresh strawberry jam for the cake's filling.

After they're baked, she ices them with whipped cream and adds strawberry jam before sandwiching them together.

 She slices them into cubes and decorates it accordingly. 
For her next recipe, she shows us her famous marble Nutella slice cake. She stars by diving her batter into 2 portions, one is added with chocolate emulco while the other portion is kept at its vanilla taste.

The batter is placed into the baking tin in a checkered pattern, alternating between the chocolate batter and the vanilla one. 

Then it is just a matter of creating a marble effect with a knife by dragging it past the two colored batter.

After baking, she leaves it to cool before slicing it up into cubes again and adding Nutella on the top.

 Her next recipe is her mini assorted cheesecakes. She will be making a plain mini cheesecake along with an oreo mini cheesecake. For her mini oreo cheesecake, she starts by mixing butter and chocolate biscuit crumbs for the base. She uses a cupcake cup for the mould.

She then mixes chopped up oreo biscuits into her cheesecake batter and fill them into the cups for baking.

 When all the recipes and baking are done, she proceeds with her decorations, using cream, mini oreos and blueberry jams. 

Mini Oreo Cheesecake

Mini Cheesecake

Nutella Marble Slice Cake

Sarang Lebah Bread with Caramel

Chicken Floss Bread

Victoria Slice Cake

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