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Crepes and Red Velvet

Once again, Chef Halima returns to Amiplus to give a class on her famous Durian Crepes, Crepe cake and Red Velvet Cake.

First we start of with the  Durian Crepe. A yellow batter is first prepped

Then cooked in the frying pan 

 so that a very thin piece of crepe is formed

Now everyone else tries...

 While that is left to cool, the filling is made with custard and durian. First, the custard

It is highly recommended to use Rich's Gold Label Non-Dairy Whip Topping when making the filling to achieve the best taste and texture.

When that is done, prepare the durian by removing it from the shell and remove the seed as well.

Now, to wrap up the crepe and filling..
Arrange the crepe skin, the whip cream and custard filling and the durian flesh.

then start folding it neatly. NOTE: careful not to press the crepe so that it would not turn out flat
 Easy right? Leave it to chill in the refrigerator before serving cold.
Since this is a semi-hands on, everybody gets to try..

 Next, we move on to the Crepe Cake, Tiramisu and Vanilla flavoured. 

 Participants got a chance to try it out for themselves of course :)

 To make the Tiramisu filling, melt some dark chocolate with milk and mix it with some instant coffee.

 Then pour the cooled mixture into whipped cream, preferably Rich's Gold Label Non-Dairy Whip Topping

Then, prepare the instant custard with milk for the vanilla filling

 Spread a thin layer onto the thin pieces of crepe. Continue until you've used about 20 pieces of crepes.

 After you've done that, trim the edges with a pair of scissors to make it round or whatever shape you like.

Use the remaining cream to cover the crepes.

 You can also put fruits onto the layers but remember to put it only on every fifth layer so that the crepes would not slip off.

 Now that the crepe cakes are done, we move on to the Red Velvet Cake.
Use yoghurt and mix it with red and orange red food colouring.

Flour, cocoa powder and other dry ingredients are mixed together first.

 Then mix dry ingredients and the yoghurt. Be sure to put it bit by bit.

Put it into the baking try and into the oven to bake :)

 When it is cooled, slice it in half.

For the filling, Rich's Gold Label Non-Dairy Whip Topping is the perfect product for a rich and creamy filling when compared to other products.

Spread it evenly onto the cake.

You can even spread the cake crumbs on top for a simple decoration.
The final product for today...

 A warm thank you to Chef Halima for this outstanding class :)

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