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Dainty Doughnuts

On the 18th of March, a class was held for doughnuts in Amiplus by Chef Fauziah. This class features special recipes for potato doughnuts, sweet potato doughnuts, banana doughnuts and the ever popular Big Apple doughnuts. 
First we boil the potato and sweet potatoes until they're soft. 

Then the batter is made by adding flour, yeast, margarine and  other ingredients to the mixer.

For of these batters were made with specific ingredients (banana in one, sweet potato in the 2nd and potato in the 3rd. The last would be the Big Apple which contains its own secret recipe ;) )
Peel the bananas and crush the potatoes.

 When it is added to the batter and mixed thoroughly, take it out and knead it just a little bit and let it rest on a tray.

When it is fully rested, the chef starts to flatten the dough with a rolling pin and starts to cut out the doughnut shapes.

After that's done, the doughnuts are left to rest again so that they will turn from this(flat)↓

To this (not-flat)↓
 When it looks like that, it's ready to be fried. Prepare hot oil and a spatula/tongs and start frying!

When they're ready, they should look like these..

Now for the topping, chef Fauziah melted some chocolate and butter for a glaze..

Then just dip and serve!

These are some of the ones the participant made.

The chef also showed them how to make a doughnut with filling.


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A quick and short class was held in the morning of 18th March specially for pudding making.
This class started off with Chef Fauziah boiling and stirring 25g of pudding mix into a pot of boiling water along with sugar, flavoring, condensed milk and a pinch of salt. 

The first pudding was the lumut pudding. The pudding mixture is poured into a tray and the 2nd layer is made using coconut milk and a little coloring and of course, the pudding mix.

Allowed to cool, the 3rd pudding mixture is made for the Gula Merah Pudding. This mixture contains a generous helping of Gula Merah of course ;)
After it is mixed, it is poured into the baking tin. However, one should remember to filter is before pouring it into the mould to remove any sugar lumps and to reduce bubbles on the pudding.

 The second layer...

You can use the whisk as an optional method to reduce bubbles.

Next is the Lychee Buih Pudding. To make the buih, egg whites were beat until SUPER fluffy (use a mixer) and it is poured into another mixture of pudding.

Chef Fauziah then crushed some lychees and put them into the mix.
Just like that, it is poured into a mould and for decoration, Thousand Islands (small sprinkles) were spread all over it.

Next, for the Marble Rainbow pudding, the same pudding mixture is made again but with an addition of caster sugar and when done, it is divided into 3 parts and mixed with food coloring. When done, it is poured over each other like so..

Easy right? And finally, the last on the menu is the ABC Pudding. To start off, Chef Fauziah mixes beans, cendol, corn and cincau, in a bowl and prepared the pudding mix. Another mix is prepared using a little Gula Merah for the 2nd layer. When the 1st layer starts boiling, she adds in the ingredients and viola!

 And the results of the day~

Hungry? :)

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