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Bakels for Bakers

On the 21st of December, a representative from Bakels, a very well-known fondant brand, gave a very interesting demo class on 3 very delicious cakes. 

This event started off with a demo on the Royal Berry Indulgence Cake, which is basically a blueberry mousse cake.
He first sprays the bottom of the baking tins with a thin layer of oil.

He then begins to mix the batter, adding each ingredient, puts the batter into 3 baking tins and off into the oven.

Meanwhile, the leftover batter goes into a big square baking tin to b made into a Swiss Roll.

After the cakes are baked to perfection, it is taken out to cool.

While it is cooling, chef begins to make the blueberry mousse.

It is then poured on top of the 3 stacked cakes and is smoothed.

The cake is then left to chill is the fridge while he starts on the 2nd cake, the Rich Moist Chocolate Cake.
Firstly, he prepares the batter using a moist chocolate cake mix.

He then adds eggs and other necessities and mixes it evenly.

The batter is poured into a large tray and into the oven

Chef then takes out a pre-baked chocolate cake and gave everyone free samples.

Then, the oven DING-ed and the chocolate cake was ready.

Leaving it aside to cool, chef took out the Royal Berry Indulgence cake and began decorating it. As he had made 3 other cakes before the class started, there was a total of 4 cakes to be decorated.
First me makes some fresh cream to cover the cakes.

While it is being whipped, chef shows us a very cool trick using dark and white chocolate.

 When that was done, it is left aside to set while he gets back on the fresh cream.

Using chocolate again, he pipes some classy designs onto the cakes for the first design.

He adds some blueberry to the middle of the cake.
And finally he fenced the blueberry with some piped fresh cream.

Now, as you may have noticed, the chef did not use a normal piping bag to pipe the cream. Instead, he made his own piping bag out of grease-proof paper. He shows them how he does it.

Moving on to design no.2, he spreads some blueberry in the middle of the cake again,

pipes a fence around the blueberry,

pipe more details onto the side of the cake,
then he adds 2 cherries to the cake and tops it up with cream. The end product will be shown at the end of the post ;)

For the 3rd design, he went with a more simple approach, using the chocolate pattern he made moments ago.
He pipes some blueberry onto the cake,

breaks the chocolate into even sizes and shapes and sticks them onto the side of the cake.

It is then piped with more cream...

..and 2 roses.

 Lastly, for the 4th cake, he did a simple design again, using the chocolates for the sides and piped cream swirls on the cake.

Some shaved white chocolate is added to the middle of the cake,

and with cherries on top, it is done.

Back to the moist chocolate cake, he decorates it by spreading chocolate ganache on to the top the cake.

He then cuts it into proportional pieces and adds some simple yet classy decorations.

With an almond slice on top, it is ready to be served.
On to the last cake, the Red Velvet Cake, he first mixes the batter.

Adding red food colouring...

 ..and divides the batter evenly into three baking tins.

And it's off to the oven!

 While the better is baking, he get started on the cheese topping.

When that is done, it is left aside while waiting for the cakes to be done.
DING! goes the oven.
The icing is spread over the top of the cake and decorated with some shaved chocolate.
Piping some leftover icing as the decoration.

And now, I present to you, all the completed cakes.
Royal Berry Indulgence No.1

Royal Berry Indulgence No.2 (Can you guess what the swans are made of?)

Royal Berry Indulgence No.3

Royal Berry Indulgence No.4

Red Velvet

Moist Chocolate Cake

At the end of the day, everyone went home excited to try out the cakes for themselves. To encourage them, they were given a slice of each cake and a free chocolate moist cake mix and a packet of Rich's Value Pride Whipping Cream (907g).

The biggest and warmest thanks is given to the Chef!

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