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Fondant Dummy Cake Class

Chef Din from Colatta chocolate gave a very creative fondant class where participants learned how to play with fondant to crate beautiful works of art. This hands-on class started off with Chef Din giving them each a polystyrene round (dummy cake) like this

Then he shows how to cover a "cake" with fondant using the rolling-pin
First you have to knead the fondant(if it's too hard)

Roll it until it's flat with a big rolling pin

Then drape the fondant over the "cake" using the rolling pin

Smooth out the sides

Use a plastic smoothing tool to make sure the fondant is glued tightly to the "cake" (Note: use a plastic tool instead of a metal tool to avoid tearing the fondant with the sharp sides of the metal tool)

Cut the extra fondant using a pizza cutter ( Note: the extra fondant can be kept again and re-used so do not throw it away!)

You can smooth-en the sides using a spatula to cut away tiny excess of fondant

Ta-daa!!! It is important to cover your fondant cake board with fondant as well so that it would look better

For crimping, a crimping tool is used to pinch the sides of the cake to give it a border look
This makes your cake looks a little more classy

Now everybody gave it a shot

 Some even wanted to be different and brought a pattern mat. this is the result:

Next, to make a fondant rose, they rolled the first piece of flattened gumpaste but leave a little loose

 Then connect the rest of flattened gumpaste  at the loose end

 Make sure you adjust it so that it looks realistic

Then here come to the one-on-one session of the class. Chef Din calls out each participant to give them a close-up view ont he next lesson: stencil using Royal Icing

aaaaand this is what the royal icing will look like after being stenciled to the "cake" and left to harden

 NOTE: you can even use some decoration stamps to stamp on your "cake" for some shapes

 Now, have you ever seen some cakes where the flowers seem to be "growing" on uneven ground? As if it's on a hill, getting higher as it reached the back. Well, that affect is made by pasting a lump of fondant on the "cake" and simply sticking flowers around it to cover the lump.
Note the lump where the flower is stuck to
This is how it looks like when the lump is fully covered to give the flowers a little more volume.


 Every single cake above was hand-decorated by the participants with minimal help from Chef Din. Everybody did a wonderful job *Claps*

Now, if you're feeling lazy on some days and you happen to see those ready-made gumpaste flowers on sale, here's how to decorated them to your own style.
First, remove it from the box and untangle it from the wires and etc. Then simply stick it onto your cake as desired :)
 Here's an example done by Chef Din. He had cut away all the wires and left a short amount on so that he can stick it onto the cake any way he wants, in this case, favoring one side.

 Then, add leaves and maybe a stencil of royal icing here and there and it's ready!

 It was a long yet productive day yet everyone left with a bright smile on their faces and an eager heart to try out all they had learned. Thank you Chef Din

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