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Cheese Cake Class

Chef Halima held a class on 4 types of delicious, mouth-watering cheesy cakes. Starting off with the Boston Cheese Cake, line a round cake tin with aluminum foil.

Then double boil full cream milk and add some sugar, eggs, etc.

 For the filling, add lemon juice, vanilla, lemon paste and cream cheese to whipping cream and etc.

 For the meringue, beat egg whites till they look like this.

 add in more secret ingredients and beat till it becomes thicker and pour it over a vanilla sponge

 Put the baking tin into a bigger tin and over a water bath before baking
Moving on to the Oreo cheese cake, mix crushed Oreo biscuits and Marie biscuits with butter to make the base.

 Press it firmly onto the base of a round baking tin.

 Next, double boil gelatin and white chocolate

 Add them into some beaten cream cheese.

 Spread it over the biscuit base.

Add a layer of Oreo biscuit bits.

Cover that layer and repeat until you run out of Oreo biscuits/cream cheese mixture/space in the baking tin.

You can make it look smoother using the triangle comb.
 Leave it in the chiller to set before decorating.
Next, the chilled Black Forest Cheese Cake. Begin by  making the biscuit base with Marie biscuits, almond flakes and melted butter pressed firmly onto the base of a round cake tin.

Cook a mixture of juice of Black Pitted Cherries, corn flour and sugar until it thickens.

 Mix it with cream cheese in a mixer until it's even and spread over biscuit base.

 Leave it to cool in the chiller before decorating.
Lastly, the Marshmallow Chocolate Chilled Cheese Cake begins with the biscuit base made with crushed Oreos and Marie biscuits held together with melted butter and pressed onto the round cake tin again.

Beat fresh cream, cream cheese and add in melted chocolate etc.

Pour it into the round cake tin and add marshmallows layer by layer (Note: similar to the oreo cake technique) and again, into the chiller to cool before decorating.

Decorations do not have any specific steps but if you are out of ideas or you simply need a basic guide, here's some simple ways you can add finishing touches to your delicious cakes.

A big thank you to Chef Halima for her dedication during her class

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