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Classes For Inspiring Chefs

Amiplus offers baking class taught by qualified chefs from around Malacca. All classes will be held upstairs of the Amiplus building for convenience. 

If interested, please click on the "Cooking Classes" tabs for a list of available classes


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We're here!!!!

Looking for a one-stop place to get ingredients but do not know where? Want to find amazing baking utensils for that delicious pastry? Looking for complete ingredients for that special recipe?
Then head over to Amiplus where we do our best to supply you with a wide-range of high quality baking ingredients and utensils at rock-bottom prices.

Front view of Amiplus Merdeka Permai
We try our best to provide you with the best quality of products.

Edible tart moulds

Cake moulds


Candy Toppings (also available in smaller packing)

Left: Electric Mixer     Right: Chocolate Fountain


Syrup (Caramel/Vanilla/Coffee/Strawberry)


Colourings and Flavorings

Baking cups (small/medium/large)

Boxes (Every type and sizes available for every occasion)

Boards (round/square)

Icing Flowers

Whole Cherries (big/small bottle)

Cooking Chocolate (Milk/White)

And of course, 

But that's not all,
To see what else we have in stored, please visit us at
42-42A, Jalan MP 10,
Taman Merdeka Permai
75350, Malacca, Malaysia
ring us up at:

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