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Harvest Baking Class

A representative chef from Harvest starts in this class featuring scrumptious Chocolate Mousse Cake, Velvety Cheese Cake that is as light as feather, chewy Chocolate Brownies with walnuts and sweet savory cheese tarts.

Layers of mousse, chocolate sponge and cranberries are carefully placed in a baking ring

Until the last layer where it is covered with more mousse and smoothed and left to set in a fridge.

The chocolate brownies:

 Let it bake..

 The tartlets using ready-made tart shells.

 The topping for the chocolate mousse cake:

 Chocolate shavings as decoration

 Let it set in the fridge again and use a burner to remove the ring

 For the soft fluffy cheese cake,

Make sure to use steam bake for this cheese cake!

After bake..

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