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Homemade yoghurt

Yoghurt fans gather on the 23rd June and thanks to Cik Halimah, everybody got a chance to make their own special yoghurts and Tiramisu in a cup

 The first recipe is the Cheesy Lover, a common favourite among children...

 the cream cheese filling and strawberry/kiwi/blueberry/(anything you like) filling is piped layer by layer for a cool affect..

Everybody gets to make 6 cups and bring them home :)

 Pretty eh? now for the Tiramisu in a cup..where Cik Halimah prepares the Tiramisu batter again and lets everyone decorate on their own.

This time, everybody gets about 4 cups each to create one themselves with their own personal twist and bring home

Last recipe of the day the the bonus recipe: the "Tutti Frutti" recipe..Tip of the day : use cheaper products. The taste will turn out the same.

 Thank You Cik Halimah!

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