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Le Bourne Demo Class

Chef Amer from Le Bourne had come to Amiplus for a special demo featuring Le Bourne's new butterscotch chocolate. We had an overwhelming response with chef Amer's electric personality.

Le Bourne's butterscotch comes in the usual block packaging. Upon melting the chocolate and mixing it with butter or cream, it becomes a wonderfully rich butterscotch mixture ready for use on any cakes or dessert toppings.

Vanilla essence may even be added to provide a refreshing and more enriched aroma.

Just to prove how delicious it was, participants were given the opportunity to try tasting it for themselves after watching the chef preparing it hands on.

For his butterscotch heaven cake, he adds gelatin to the melted butterscotch chocolate and mixes it with cream to cover the sponge cakes.

Again, letting the attendees try the heavenly butterscotch cream mixture.

Next he cooks sugar and crushed almonds over heat until the sugar turns brown as a delicious and fragrant garnish for the cake.

Baking isn't easy, even the chef needs a little help from the audience to speed things up.

The sugar and almonds mixture was scattered sparsely between the layers of the cake after the layers are coated with a generous amount of the butterscotch cream. 

More of the garnish patted on the side of the cake..

After the cake has been left to set in the fridge, it was time to decorate it!

The chef showed us his steady hands and calligraphy skills when decorating cakes by writing on it free hand with melted chocolate..

and adding other chocolate garnishes..

...or for those who cannot seem to keep steady, a timeless abstract design to make the cake look like a classic masterpiece.

Besides cakes, Chef Amer then showed us how to use the butterscotch chocolate for dessert lovers who want to make a more unconventional dessert, namely, the Butterscotch Berry Cup!

First he put small cake squares into a transparent dessert cup. According to the chef, the cake serves to add texture to the desert cup and prevents the sickly feeling a person may feel when eating a large amount of cream in one go. 

He then pipes a generous amount of delicious butterscotch cream onto the cake piece and adds another cake layer on to it. 

For some tartness, he pipes strawberry jam into the cups which also adds a pop of color into the dessert.

It is then followed by another generous layer of butterscotch cream.

Lastly, the dessert cup is drizzled with some butterscotch chocolate and topped with other garnishes as well.

For his next act, he shows the crowd how to make a delicious melts-in-your-mouth chocolate truffle.

Since the process of making truffles involves making small round balls of chocolate, everyone gets to join in on the fun to learn how to make the perfect-sized truffle that fits perfectly into our mouths.

The Chef even throws in a lesson on how to correctly and fully enjoy a truffle.

"You must let it sit and melt on your tongue, then you will feel a sudden rush of coldness emitting from the chocolate...."

Bonus: Since Malaysia is currently facing a serious dry-spell, there was a popular demand for an iced drink. The Chef cleverly incorporates the butterscotch chocolate into a refreshing drink to create a Butterscotch Milkshake recipe consisting of ice-cream, ice-cubes and of course, butterscotch chocolate.

With goodie bags and slices of cake for everyone to bring home, that marks the end of the class. A huge thanks to Chef Amer from Amiplus and all the participants for this joyous and interesting class.

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